As a Fitness Cougar, I know every client is a unique individual with specific goals. I know that a one-size-fits-all plan will not work. Each program is developed with your specific goals and particular challenges in mind. I take the time to get to know you, your background, current fitness level, and fitness/health goals so I can develop your customized fitness plan. My mission is to help you achieve your goals by providing the most effective fitness information possible and by teaching you to develop long-lasting, lifestyle changes that will improve your health and fitness for years to come. 


I understand you may be hesitant to try virtual Personal Training. I will take the time to discuss all of your concerns and answer all of your questions so you will feel comfortable with the plan we develop for you. We may connect via telephone, email or video conference depending on what we need to discuss and to ensure we can go into the appropriate level of detail to make you feel comfortable. 

This one-on-one virtual personal training is an excellent way to obtain a tailored program exclusively designed for you. I will teach you to achieve your fitness goals and make lifestyle changes that will be long lasting.

I will take into account any limiting factors you have such as not belonging to a gym or special dietary restrictions. I will create a practical program that meets your needs and that will make it possible to reach your goals. Weekly check-ins allow me to assess your progress and the need to modify your plan to ensure you are making continual positive progress.

I offer the following options:

*  $75/month:   Custom calorie/macronutrient program with tracking and portion control guidance  

*  $75/month:   Custom workout program including strength training and cardiovascular training  

*  $200/month: Daily meal menus based on custom calorie/macronutrient program with tracking and portion control guidance 

*  $250/month  Custom workout program including strength training and cardiovascular training along with daily meal menus based on custom

    calorie/macronutrient program with tracking and portion control guidance 

Below are a sample of elements of my programs:
  * Initial consultation to evaluate your lifestyle
  * Customized fitness training plan tailored to your specific goal and lifestyle
  * Portion control guidance to help you make lifestyle changes
  * Personalized strength training program to build lean muscle
  * Cardiovascular program, based on your abilities and goals
  * Regularly scheduled follow ups through email to assess progress and make necessary modifications to your plan
  * Access to me via email to address questions, concerns or issues you may have
  * Monthly photo and progress tracking
  * Exercise instruction and education
  * Tips and tricks to keep you motivated  throughout your program

Send me a message using the contact me section of this website or directly to fitcougars@gmail.com. Provide your contact information and brief details about what you would like to accomplish while working with me. After I receive your contact information, I will send you the client information forms so you can provide detailed information about yourself and your goals. I will develop your program based on the details your provide. We will go over your program so I can be sure you understand all of the details. From there, we will schedule weekly check-ins to assess your progress and the need for changes to your program.

Are you ready to begin a plan to reach your goals?